Your commercial should be 20-40 seconds and capture the essence of your business – how your product/service meets a need, and motivate someone to want to buy it. It MUST be posted on You Tube (not private).


Make sure your commercial tells a story about the problem and how your product/service solves this problem. Make it appeal to emotion.

o   Pick one word that appeals to the overall value proposition

o   Shoot scenes that directly convey strong emotions of that value proposition

o   Only narrate if necessary – appeal to the emotions, not data

Any music should come from so that there is no problem with commercial licensing once it is put up on YouTube. 

o    Great place for free images

Storyboarding what you want to film before filming is a great way to make sure your commercial portrays the message you are trying to create. For example, check out this VW Commercial made from a storyboard. 

Other great tips for making a great videos: